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Thursday, October 28, 2010

snack time yet???

well my family came over for dinner tonight mmmmm and then cheese cake for dessert!!! then my brother in law and his gf came over n we all made buck eyes for the halloween party this weekend which im soooo excited for!!!!!
my mom got me a few pregnancy books that i totally recommend!!
"the pregnancy bible" by joanne stone its like $30 but my mom found it at a thrift shop GOTTA LOVE THRIFT SHOPS plus its sooo worth it

also what to expect when youre expecting is a greaaat book!
and what to eat while youre expecting! which is a little hard for some one who doesnt usually have to watch what they eat cause of their matabalism (sp) but now i must keep the baby healthy
Im going to go get a nice massage from hubby had a veeeerrryyyy long day at work today!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yes some one actually said that =P it was a guy too so it made it funnier although he was just kidding it feels like sometimes thats what people are thinking. just thought id share =)
Love you all

ps feelin kinda icky today had a yogert for breakfast and was very nauseous after ickkk doin better now though =)

There are "friends" who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24


So what do you do when you're sooo tired that you're falling asleep at work, you would think maybe get more sleep the night before right? WRONG I came home from work so early i went to bed at 830 the other night and guess who coulnd't even keep her eyes open at work the very next day MEE every night ive been hittin the hay by 830/9 from exhaustion. Some may think I'm getting too MUCH sleep, nope tried getting less and that was a very VERY bad idea! at least i dont have wicked bad morning sickness yet just nausea right? i think without my prenatals i would never get out of bed! haha i am 5 weeks 3 days today =) Going to go get on an ins program that covers the pregnancy (seeing as mine doesnt and mine runs up in dec anyways) lots and lots of cleaning to do today on my day off, getting ready for the halloween party =D 

ta ta for now

Monday, October 25, 2010


Found this cute shirt in the mall and I just HAD to get it!!! if you knew my in laws youd know how well this fit =P i have a pretty crazy family as well though so its all around funny for everyone.
Today was Hot flashes galore! couldn't even keep my jacket on and everyone else was complainuing about how cold it was at work! I'm so glad I'm not having a baby through the summer I don't think I'd be able to handle the heat I give props to all you moms who had carried babies through the summer, man I get so hot out of no where and being from northern ny the end of october is NOT hot haha well off to make dinner (just cut some fresh pineapple yummmmm)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

HCG Level Chart

From conceptio    from LMP mIU/ML or IU/L)
7 days                        3 weeks                    0 to 5
14 days                       28 days               3 to 426
21 days                       35 days         18 to 7,340
28 days                  42 days     1080 to 56,500   
35 - 42 days          49 - 56 days7,650 to 229,000

So i stopped at 42 days because the chart was being a pain lol so from lmp i was about 1 month when i had my blood work done which says anywhere from 3-426 (it varies A LOT between woman) just thought it was a helpful chart so my 323 was very normal =)

woke up this morning to my stomache growling!!! haha my stomaches bloating n boobs are fuller (well they HAVE been fuller but its just nice to see progress =)

Friday, October 22, 2010


Okay so I got my blood work results and the HCG level is 323!!! so i made a boo boo and looked at a chart to see what the levels should be and read 4 weeks AFTER CONCEIVING which is why we guessed such high numbers cause im 4 weeks after LMP!! lol but still verryyy exciting!!
My 1st Dr apt is November 24th! I have been eating the whole worlddd right now i reeeallly want bread n butter pickles!! my boobs are unbelievable sensitive, like bring tears to my eyes just wearing a bra!!! Was super nauseous this morning, its a struggle just to brush my teeth!
well thats all for now Im so excited!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Blood work today =D

I called my dr. during work because i work 8-5 40 minutes away and the lab is open until 8 which I was very excited about cause I would have no choice if they werent =D so today at 5:40 I walked into the lab with my sweet sweet hubby and got blood work done to find out my levels =D I find out tomorrow morning arround 10 am (my 15 min break) what my levels are. Lets pray theyre high and beautiful =D
A few of us (josh me my mom and our cousin) have a contest going on, each of us guessed what my levels will come back as and we will see who was closest tomorrow we arent sure when exactly I conceived and how far along I am so we did 2 different #' if im 4 weeks and the other if Im 6 =) also josh thinks i might have twins cause it runs in our families so thats also a reason for the high count =)

Josh- 4wks- 1532       6 wks- 5835
MOM (kristy)- 4- 2200   6-5200
Andrew- 4- 1492     6- 6900
Cassie- 4wks- 1242 (i didnt guess a 6 because im confident that Im not haha)

I have been putting hints on facebook to see if anyone gets it like "im sooo hungry" or "im extremely tired" =) when i get my levels back im gonna put up I PASSED THE TEST WITH A ....... and then put my hcg level hehehehe I told my Nana and Grandma today =) they were both very excited.

well ta ta for now bed time ladies


                                   AND IT TOOOO SAYS PREGNANT!!!! I still can't believe this!
                                                          i took it at 8:30 pm oct 20th!!!!!

today is the 21st- i've been sooo sleep lately and this morning (5:30 am) i woke up and just couldnt fall back to sleep! not to mention my boobs hurt soooooo bad and the insane nausea, but that means healthy baby right??? Some one came up to me at work yesterday asking if I knew anyone who needed a carseat that hooks into the stroller and a high chair for 50 bucks (the strollers usually 300 alone) I was like nooo way thats sooo God! and its a neutral color too so i'm very excited!!! I can't waaaiittt to decorate the baby room and find out what I'm having!!!!
   I wonder if I can get my blood work done AFTER 5 pm like if they're open because I work 1/2 hour away 8-5....hmmm if not I'll have to wait =/ lol. I guess that's all the updates i have for today!!

OH YEAHHHH and when i saw it say "pregnant" i was jumping around like crazy and josh went to hug me and i hit him with my shoulder right in his nose n gave him a bloody nose!!! what a great story to tell our itty bitty baby hehehehe

Ta ta for now

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I couldnt help it any more and I caved I took a dollar general test at 7:30 pm on oct 19th!!! I did not hole my pee or use first morning urine or any of that and look how dark this test is! PLUUS ITS A DOLLAR STORE ONE so its not as sensitive!! Im soooo excitedddd my EDD would be 6/27/11
I STILL CANT BELIEVE ITTTT!!! off to work...hopefully i can get blood work done after hours or on a weekend cause i work when theyre open =/ SO HAPPY!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting closer...

So that terrible time of the month where you're mind is racing "am i pregnant?" "could i be" are these symptoms?" "am i just crazy" "oh no...period cramps!!!!" The time of month that you wish you could skip right through so you can start a new month to keep trying, the time of month that drives you nuts cause aunt flow NEVER wants to arrive on time, sending you into false hope!! Yep its almost here and its already crossed my mind a few test? not to test?? And i go down that aisle in the store with all the pregnancy tests just to talk myself out of buying one and then a trip down the baby aisle to remind me of all the things I so desperately want!
Maybe i sound crazy? Maybe this sounds waaay to familiar to some of you, so this is why I made this blog because I know I can't be the only one going through all this and the women who feel the hurt and longing month by month know exactly what I mean, and those of you who just started trying to conceive, well I pray and i pray HARD that you conceive quickly and are healthy because I would NEVER wish this roller coaster upon ANYONE. I completely cut out caffeine from my diet! WOOHOO which for those of you who don't know me thats a BIIIG thing!
So i guess I'll go off topic a little.....
For dinner last night I tried a new recipe =) I made Garlic toast then put a layer of traditional spaghetti sauce, diced up a tomato and put that on top then some melted cheese and pizza seasoning it was absolutely AMAZINGGG i wanna try it with broccoli sometime =D

Well good luck ladies on your journey =D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

our trying to conceive journey!

So my name is Cassie =) and my hubbys name is josh....We met at college, at a christian bible study. I started school early, he went back a few years later, so it was perfect timing. Our age difference didn't bother us and we knew we were meant to be together so 3 months went by of constant being together when he popped the question! on his 21st birthday 3-20-09 and about 9 months later we got married on January 1st 2010.   From the time we got engaged we talked about when we wanted to have kids and how many and what to name them and all these big dreams. I've nannied for so many little babies since I can remember and was so excited to finally have a family of my own! You hear how every one gets pregnant so quick and so easy, 16 year old girls with some random boy, 40 year old woman who thought they couldnt anymore, Woman who don't want their baby and abort it or give it up for adoption, Single moms, abusive moms, woman on birthcontrol who thought it was impossible, and woman who never use birth control who have like 5 million kids and live on a huge farm or something. Here I am married, stable, responsible, and willing so if all of them can have kids so easy then i should be able to in a heartbeat right?? WRONG!! Im 18, young, healthy, i take my vitamins I excersize, have no stress, wouldn't you think that I would be able to have a baby of my own to hold and love and care for, to be the mommy that I have ALWAYS wanted to be? Not particularly. The first month I had no idea when I even Ovulated!! I just thought if you had sex you'd get pregnant! (Hubby and i waited for each other know ;) So I thought I'd get pregnant on the honeymoon, or wedding night or SOMETHING, i was not educated at all. Although I had worked at an OBGYN before but when its you its totally different!

      So January goes by and I'm a few days late for my period, extremely excited I take a test it shows only one ugly pink line and darn aunt flow peeks her head in days late. Fabuary comes and I'm a little bit more educated thankful for google, so I have an idea that I can only get pregnant when ovulating and that would be towards the middle of the month for me which I happened to be on vacation in south carolina and valentines day was around there. I just KNEW I haaad to be pregnant!! but yet again the end of febuary comes and period shows =( finally March comes! I'm taking prenatal vitamins, having sex EVERY DAY and I feel different I just "know" something had to have happened so end of the month come and period is a day late so i test... a nice faint line shows up, its not dark at all but it sure does show up then days later aunt flow shows up with looots of pain and cramping it's then that I'm told that I had a chemical pregnancy (where the egg and sperm met causing a positive but they just did not stick!) I cried and cried and so did my poor husby he wants a baby just as bad as i do! April goes by....nothing! May goes by and i PRAYED AND PRAYED HAAARD for the perfect mothers day gift!!!...nothing June...faint line AGAIN but soon accompanied by af-aunt flow and right then i knew again I had a chemical pregnancy =(
But then august comes I set up a new gyn apt and have blood taken and find out my thyroid is normal at 1.59 so not being preggo yet does not have to do with thyroid (family history)and I heard taking baby asprin once a day makes you more "sticky" for people with chemical pregnancy issues. I take a test and BIG FAT POSITIVE nice and dark!!! I was soo excited I cried I went and had blood work done and everything..ended in very sad news...another chemical pregnancy and on top of this I have had quite a few utis- urinary trac infections, so that is very disappointing I was crushed and devistated!!!!!!!!! I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried for days everything and anything upset me- we have been trying for about 8 months now
September is now here and two weeks after the bad news I had a dream that God told me we will be pregnant with a baby girl and her name will be Luella Rose but we will call her ellie (luella means female warrior) I passed this story along to my father in law and he laughed and told me that he knows I didnt know this but his mothers name was ellie!!! it was very funny and reassuring with conformation of the dream. so 2 weeks go by and I take a test 2 lines appeared but the 2nd one quickly dissapeared (it was an internet cheapie and i guess it was known for doing that) giving me false hope my period showed up 3 weeks late!
Now it is october and I am patiently waiting to see if af will be late again, I am now trying vitex which is supposed to be something to help irregular periods and the quality of your eggs. also we cut sex down to every OTHER day but havent been paying too much attention and again this month I pray and i pray that we get pregnant.

I'm approaching one year of trying to conceive...closer and closer to icky infertility tests and sorrow after sorrow with big fat negatives and even when i get a positive i can't trust it until its weeks later and I now feel like my dr thinks I'm crazy and I sort of feel crazy, like I'm going out of my mind!! WHY AM I NOT PREGNANT YET?!?!?!?! I just want to hold a little one of our own to be a mommy and josh be a daddy thats all we want. Both of us have ALWAYS wanted to be parents and we got married excited about starting a family! So as i have been faithfully taking 3 vitex a day I pray that it works soon. I will use this blog to type everything that happens, changes and then when we DO get pregnant I will do the same for that =)