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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

its been forever since ive posted!!

Ellie is going to be 7 months next week!!! i wish i kept up with blogging so i have this to look back on!! she got her 1st tooth a week before she turned 5 months then her 2nd one quickly followed. She sat up unsupported for the first time the same week that she got her first took =D she now rocks on her hands n knees to try to crawl, she pulls herself up and stands, and she scootches everywhere =D Ill post some updated pictures and videos. She got sooo much for christmas and she loved it!! she even unwrapped some presents all by herself!!

I passed my weight goal! i wanted to get back to 115-120 and i am now at 109 woohoo! not sure how excited about that i am really and im not so sure how im still losing weight but i guess ill take it lol.

2 wednesdays ago i believe it was the wednesday after new years kate prophesied id be getting pregnant again soon =D (she prophesied the month before ellie that i would be then too) then joy (stephanies daughter) had a vision of ellie sharing a room with a baby boy she saw a toy box with a teddy bear. Stephanie also had a vision that i made a facebook page called Bailey Baby Boy to tell every one and we decided not to tell anyone until i was about 4 months. sooo we will see what happens =D we want ellie to have a very close sibling and then probably take a break for a bit and have 2 more, i like having em in pairs =D

heres ellie loving bath time!

My birthday has come and passed, i am now 20! I cant believe how much I have accomplished, interning under a youth pastor in one of the largest churches in ny, working in a drs office, started college at 16, got married, had a baby! started my own photography business and so much more! I absolutely love the life I have chosen and am sooo thankful for my amazing husband and baby girl

                                                       This is the beautiful northern ny winter