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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


so Febuary 11th 2011 right when josh and i layed down for bed he put his hand on my tummy and felt ellie kick!!!!!! i was 21 weeks pregnant
hes blown zurburts on my belly then watched her kick but when he would put his hand on my tummy she just stopped kicking lol.
              Still no stretch marks on my tummy thank God but plenty on my boobs, josh calls me stretchy boobs hahah not to mention the million of veins running all over my chest. Ive been kind of in the dumps lately feeling like a blob, i cant wait for spring to get here to be able to start going for walks and not be stuck inside. We did just get a trailer and a nice big room for ellie with lots of windows and our own back yard, were so excited not to be in an apartment. When we were at our last apartment joshs work slowed down and we ran out of money, i prayed and felt lead to move to Gene and Cidys (my in lways, joshs rents) until we had enough money, after we had all our things moved out no more than a week later some one was drunk and fell asleep with a cigarette and burned the whole lot next door down and the smoke and water damage completely destroyed the apartments we were in, Thank you Jesus that we werent there! i thought it was an attack that we were under for having no money but in reality we just needed to get out of there, the people above us said they lost all of their belongings, i wish there was a way i would have known that that was going to happen but im so thankful that we werent there and now God has blessed us with a cute trailer that has lots of windows and is just so cozy and welcoming.
   Josh and I registered at Babys R us and it was sooo fun!!! Ill post some pics of a few aby things we have gotten for ellie alreayd

this was made by a dear friend its sooo cute

clothe diaper!!! no pins just velcro love it

look how thick it is so it doesnt leak

blanket im working on for ellie

21 weeks

21 weeks pregnant with our beautiful baby girl

OUR BABY GIRLS 21 week SONO our little ellie

21 weeks, shes just under a lb
her head is 18 cm around
everything is great and strong and healthy
heart rate is 152

her little but up in the air haha shes on her head and knees upside down in the womb, sooo cute, 21 weeks along acording to the sono

the whole is not really there its just a cavity hehehe look at her little face, her eyes are open and  cute little button nose

GENDER PARTY...........its a GIRL Luella Rose Bailey

so to tell the family what we are having we had a gender party, we had trhe sex written on a card and put it into a home made pinata that i made and had a little party