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Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 WEEKS bloat much??

didnt think it was possible to get MORE bloated but i thought wrong holy smokes!! youd think there was a baby in there haha i mean thats not even a "baby bump" thats just bloat wait until the baby fills out!! i cant wait!!!!!! so this week i threw up and had my first morning sickness on weds i started to but held it back cause i couldnt make it to the bathroom and then on friday at work i rushed to the bathroom and made it just in time! ive had a couple cravings but nothing to serious a lot of things make me gag now and almost throw up, brushing my teeth in the morning is a complete battle! certain foods and smells im a little more sensitive to, been really wishing work had a "nap time" VERRRY emotional!!!! everything makes me just cryyyyy and it drives me nuts! still having hot flashes and little itty bitty cramps reminding me that i have a baby growing in there and everything inside me is saying "MAKE WAY!" haha but doin good a few more weeks till u/s and heartbeat woohoooo

5 weeks pregnant!!!

more and more BLOAT!!!!!!! each week i gain a little more bloat! havent gained any weight yet which is good! and my diet has NOT changed! every one seems to think theyre "eating for two" but in all honesty thats why people cant get the baby weight off and gain so much. your baby is sooo tiny you only need an extra 300 calories per day not another 1200 haha at 5 weeks i started feeling a little nauseous tiredness started going away a bit from prenatals giving me all my energy hehe but still feel like i need a nap beofre im done with work! still in shock that im having a baby!! on top of that im having all these weird bad dreams i guess thats a new symptom for this week PREGNANT DREAMS hhaha oh yes and cant forget the wonderful HOT FLASHES that im getting off and on every day that may be all my symptoms  for this week looking foward to hearing the babies heartbeat! and seeing the little one on the sono God is so good and we are so blessed!

"For we live by believing and not by seeing."
2 Corinthians 5:7


have a little bloat bump but nothing much this was 2 days after i found out i was preggo!!!

Symptoms: soar boobs, and EXTREMELY tired
other than that i had nooooo idea I was pregnant Josh wasnt surprised when he saw the line cause he says he "already knew" from my symptoms all week and I paid nooo attention to them haha you try getting pregnant for 10 months straight everything starts to seem like a symptom lol so i gave up when i thought i was pregnant in september and faced the fact that its not my timing and it may take a few years i even went out got a new job and everything thennnn we got pregnant!!! i was using vitex but we reaalllly werent trying that month it was definately God after my break down the month before hehe we have been wanting a baby sooooo bad all the tears, false hopes, broken hearts, screaming and God asking "why am i not pregnant yet?!?!?!" has paid off and we now have our little bean growing inside me waiting to come out and meet us =) and we love our little bean more than anything in the worlddd Thank you God for this blessing!

let it snoooow

snows been coming down more and more but not sticking yet =D
its been a little bit since i wrote sorry =/ well on friday november 5th i had to rush to the bathroom at work with MORNING SICKNESS and this is the 6th week so just in time to start piling up the symptoms!! some mornings i cant hold anything down and nibbles on crackers help a little other morning all i need is a cracker before getting out of bed and im fine (most of the time eating the cracker before getting out of bed and SLOWLY getting out of bed helps A LOT) Tomorrow i will be 7 weeks pregnant WAHOOOO had a dream last night that they let me listen to the babies heart beat and it was strong and we were cryinnnn ugh such a good dream seeing as most of my dreams have been about miscarriages but im happy that I'm not really stressed about that issue any more and every since the "morning sickness" really kicked in ive felt a lot better knowing that my little bean is healthy (morning sickness is a great sign that baby is healthy) 5 more weeks and im done with my first trimester! 2 and a half more weeks till we get to hear the babies heart beat and see a sono of the baby!!!!!! oh goody i cant waaaiiiitttt!! im gonna put up some pics of my bloatedness week by week =)