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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

There are a few words that I don't know the meaning to anymore....sleep, shower, hot meal etc...catch my drift? although the word tired and I have become very close. I thought I was getting used to having no sleep but I'm pretty sure my body was just accumulating all the sleepless nights just to have it all crash on me now. My eyes almost don't want to stay open through out the whole day and yes I try to nap when she naps but for some reason her naps are getting shorter and shorter while my house gets messier and messier! Not to mention its rained the past couple days and stupid me didn't have time to do laundry while it was nice all weekend so i am officially panty-less! (we need a converter thing for our dryer because the plus is 2 prong and the dryer is 3 or whatever) All this tiredness may be why my stomach has been so off lately, my appetite has just got up and walked out on me and when I try to eat it seems like food wants to come right back up as well. I guess today is my day to throw a pity party and have a vent post =P.
  On the plus side, joshs parents called and are taking us to dinner tonight woohooo, pumped a bottle changed ellie 4 TIMES she'll only poop in a clean diaper, even if that means changing her 3 times in a row lol and got everything ready soooo off to dinner i go now, heres to hoping the car ride puts her into a deep sleep so we enjoy our meal =D

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