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Sunday, August 14, 2011

crazy dreams! those of you who've been following and read my blog from the beginning, you know that I had a dream after trying for a while to get pregnant with Ellie, that I was going to get pregnant with a baby girl and what to name her etc...then a month later I found out I was pregnant......Well, with that said I now don't brush dreams off just because I "want it so bad" yadda yadda. I'll write out the dream i had a few days ago but this one wasn't as straight foward as the one about Ellie so it could be nothing =)

I was with my mom in her van with Ellie in the back seat and driving in front of us was my brother, hubby and our baby boy Joshua (no we don't have a baby other than ellie for right now lol) Anyways oddly my mom decided to drive over the car josh ty and ellie were in like how monster trucks can just drive over cars lol. Anywho, I freaked out and got mad at my mom because she just ran over the car that my son was in (didnt crush the car) and strangely enough his car seat was attatched to the front bumoper of the car (probably because my brother was driving, so with him driving thats equivalent to him being strapped to the front of the car lol) anyways we pulled over and then ellie ended up waking me up to eat and i looked for Joshua to check on him (i was still half asleep) until i realized I had no son LOL

    When I fell back to sleep after feeding Ellie I had ANOTHER dream.....I went into my dr's office and the nurse came in saying how important it was NOT to get pregnant so soon and that my body could not handle it etc. etc. but in my dream I was scared and upset because I knew I was already pregnant and as I left I saw one of my cousins who told me she was there to get rid of an infection then gonna start trying for another baby so our babies will be close in age (obviously she knew i was pregnant in this dream)

THEN THE NEXT DAY I HAD ANOTHER DREAM I was in the same dr's office in labor and josh told me he could see our sons head and I said good one more push and the butt will be out LOL. Then I was holding my baby boy and said "Hes bigger than his sister and I pushed him out just fine" t(as most of you know I had to have a csection cause ellie got stuck behind my pelvic bone and was not coming out due to being 9 1/2 lbs)

Sooooooooo I'm not sure where in the world these dreams came from, if my hormones are just crazy still or dropping too quickly or what not but I decided to share them =) I've been nauseous every day since last week, also tired (but i hear that comes with being a mom) and a few other weird things but it could be from sleepless nights and stressful days. But mannnn would that be crazy to be pregnant again!! I'm not so sure how I'd feel about that, probably worried about another cesction and how my body would handle the stress but that'd probably be my biggest fear. Oh well just felt like sharing =)

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